I am a guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and sound artist. The Austin Chronicle describes my music as “articulate and jagged” “soul-mining Sturm und Drang” while fans say it is “urgent,” “dissonant,” “bohemian,” and “gothic.”

I play acoustic guitar and sing, sometimes with a special guest on accordion or flute. Sometimes I play electric guitar, keyboard, or cigar box dulcimer. Occasionally I use sound collage or ritual elements in my performance.

I was recently a member of post-apocalyptic folk band Dying and Rising, as well as weird electronic duo Anonymonstrosity, both now defunct.

As a soloist, I performed at the original locations of Emo's, Cheer Up Charlie's, and Church of the Friendly Ghost. I played festivals including Woodstock on the Boston Commons (2012), Spitfest II (2012), and NMASS (2010) as well as off-SXSW showcases like Tiny Fest (2013), psychedelic neofolk (2012), and the Leisure Tourniquet Equinox Mish-Mash (2009).

I collaborated on multi-media installation “Tightrope” (2013), participated in “Rehearsal at the Astoria” (2011), and appeared in Deena Oh's exhibition “Nanobangbang 8” (2011) and David DiDonato's “one-man band showcase” (2006). I made short musical scores for “The Oracle of Ambrosia” which was selected for the Experimental Response Cinema showcase at the Dallas Medianale video festival (2015), as well as “Still 1” which screened at the Polari Film Festival (2013).

I am a regular guest at the Capital Zen songwriter night, and have played tributes to Syd Barrett, Harry Nilsson, and Lou Reed. I have toured in eighteen states of the United States.